TurnStyle Films Crowned Best Filmmaker in Cleveland 2014
"The Russo brothers ain't got nothing on Turnstyle."

TurnStyle Films Crowned Best Production Company in Cleveland 2015
"This 5-year-old Cleveland-based independent film production company consistently puts out high-level stuff, like their extremely creative and complex music videos, short films and documentaries."

 TurnStyle Films Featured on the Two Girls With Glasses Podcast

Film School Rejects Feature on The Naked Zinester
"It’s delightful to see the pair take great joy in celebrating a subject that too often lacks the right level of frivolity. Here’s to rolling around on the floor and smiling more.It’s fun. Goofy, sexy fun."

Nothing But Hope and Passion Review of The Naked Zinester
“The documentary is not only interesting for people who are into photography, but for everyone who is into style and beauty.”

Way Too Indie Review of The Naked Zinester
"The Naked Zinester detailed a fascinating and hopefully soon-to-be highly recognized artist whose work “walks a fine line between art and porn, but it’s a line that is fun to walk along, exploring and challenging our held definitions of beauty and sexuality…” - Amy Priest

Interview with Cellar Door CLE
“The music video was based on the story of Abraham. I thought, what if we had one of the band member sacrificing another member?” Jon Nix smiles and nods. This seems completely normal. - Nikki Dellamotte

Interview with The Long Shot Featuring Anthony Snitzer
There’s an article from the New York Times in 2011 headlined What Your Beard Says About YouThe part that most stuck out to me was the author saying that “to many bosses, a beard is a dangerous sign, like a neck tattoo or a pierced nose, that says ‘I am a free spirit.” - Doug Vehovec

Interview with The Reel Show Featuring Ralph Miller
TurnStyle Films’ co-founder Ralph Miller sat down for a one on one interview with Kristina Michelle of The Reel Show. - Kristina Michelle